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To go one step above and to make sure no grass clippings mix in with your stone and your stone does not move we offer a 4x6 inch border to go around your shed pad, this is perfect to give you a crisp defined edge between stone and grass, or if where you want to place your shed is not level.

One further option we can deliver is giving you a border around your tractor ramp as well this prevents your ramp from settling into the dirt and keeps it clean

Part of making sure your new storage shed will last a lifetime is to put it on the right foundation.  Carefree Small Building who has been building wooden storage sheds for generations recommends 6 inches of 3/4 inch stone or better, and for the pad to be 1foot larger all the way around your shed to allow for water runoff


i.e. A10x16 shed requires a 12x18 pad 

Shed Pad Installs

We offer free delivery to the towns in light green, and for an additional fee will come out to all the towns highlighted.  If your town isn't highlighted please contact us for an accurate price.

Light Green- No additional delivery fee

Dark Green- $100 Delivery Fee on top of shed pad price

Yellow- $200 Delivery Fee on top of shed pad price